Literal Perks of Coffee

Winter solstice has already past, and you know what that means. The days are going to get longer. To stay on your game throughout the daylight hours, you’re going...
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Finding the Perfect Coffee for Every Season

There are many great coffee pod blends available to lighten up your day at every time of year regardless of the season. Coffee pods from a variety of brands...
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Happy Birthday to Me! CocoaJava Turns Eleven

When I first created CocoaJava eleven (yes, eleven!) years ago, I had no idea it would still be going strong to this day. I also had no idea how...
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Mug Revolution

Owen Dearing throws things for a living. In Owen’s line of work, that’s a method, not a tantrum. In his Bend, Oregon studio, Owen hand-throws coffee mugs. Extraordinary mugs....
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What Is A Chocolate Fountain?

How does a chocolate fountain work and what can I do if my home fountain doesn’t work properly? This article explains how chocolate fountains work and how to get...
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