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I am being craved
As we speak
As you read
I am on your person forgave

I am a chocolate connoisseur
Solidified cocoa milk
You wanting me more
Like the taste and feel of sweet silk

Ahhhh, I am on your tongue
Are you acknowledging the taste
Are you present in this moment
Your thanking me is in the expression on your face

Devour and savor the taste
Is it the caffeine
That has you?
Are you my feign
Who craves in lieu?

I am Her She
I am GODiva
I am Sweet
Infused in your after taste saliva
Now, to have me again
What will you do?

I am light
I am dark
I am finished in one bite
I am delicious and exotic
I am your comforter
I am chocolate

Aretha Brown
Created: 8/20/06

May your road be paved with chocolate

May your road be paved with
chocolate - bittersweet to journey
through exotic lands of mystery
and intrigue, silks and satins,
perfumes and spices, and women
with almond eyes; milk chocolate
for warm, lazy days, drifting down
river, the sun on your back, fingers
trailing in cool water, an icy drink
by your side and a straw hat pushed
low on your forehead; semi-sweet
for fields of lavender, the snowy
crest of the Matterhorn, moonlight
on the beach, and Paris in the
spring; white chocolate to relax
on a velvet sofa, wear shimmering
organza, sip Dom Perignon, eat
caviar on ridiculously tiny toast
points and dance to Frank and Ella
until the wee hours of the morning.

Whatever you do and wherever you
go, whether near or far or in between,
may your road be paved with
chocolate, for flattery will get you
nowhere; chocolate, everywhere.

Nanette Littlestone
June 2005

Chocolate Dreams
By H. Joy Stross

not golden, not scarlet
memory's prism
taste buds dancing

ignominious brown
starlight fuzz fantasy
silk kimono whispers

plain as a layer of mud
even dun
tongue tingle

untamed pleasure
delay delay
sweet solace
naked and eternal

Chocolate Meditation
By Jude Fricano

When I first heard this term it immediately resonated with me. Chocolate being the wonderful, tasty experience it is and meditation the calming routine we completely benefit from practicing. When you combine the two it seems heavenly.
We all know the way we feel when we experience one good piece of chocolate.

It's satisfying and delicious. When we focus all our attention on the way that chocolate feels, smells and tastes the response from our brain is very soothing.
Take a piece of chocolate. Close your eyes. Smell it. Slowly taste it.

Let it melt in your mouth while enjoying the feel of it. The entire focus enjoying this one piece of chocolate. The experience takes on a life of its own. Your focus will allow you to feel satisfied by this very small action.
One good piece of chocolate. That's all it takes. Take a moment and enjoy!