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Weird and Wonderful Chocolate Treats
Unusual flavour combinations in sweets are becoming increasingly popular. Here are some more exotic, weird and wonderful chocolate treats from around the world.

New Trend Alternative to Wedding Cakes
Chocolate fondue fountains have been around for a while, but most viewed this form of catering as a luxury. Now, brides and their parents have become more financially savvy, realizing they can use chocolate fountain catering to replace the old-fashioned cake and hor d'oeuvres.

Chocolate and Coffee Unite! Odwalla® Combines Best of the Beans in New Mocha-walla™ Bar
Soothing chocolate and sassy coffee unite for a luscious, lively combo in Mocha-walla, the new Odwalla food bar that brings together the best of the beans.

CocoaJava Cafe in Second Life
Some people dream of opening a cafe of their own. I will admit that I have had this dream for a while... but have wanted it in another reality. And now my dream is coming true!

January, 2009 – Nothing sets the mood like music and fine chocolate, and two Chocolate and Jazz greats have teamed up to do just that. From February 1st through Valentine’s Day, Martine’s Chocolates is offering access to a free download of “My Funny Valentine” from Jazz star Jacqui Naylor’s new album, You Don’t Know Jacq with every purchase. (While supplies last.) “My Funny Valentine” is an example of the artist’s critically acclaimed “Acoustic Smashing” technique (www.jacquinaylor.com). Here she sings the well-known valentine standard while her band plays the AC/DC rock anthem “Back in Black.”

Martine's Top Rated Chocolates Offers Customized "Small Indulgences" for the Holidays
November, 2008 - In uncertain times, chocolate consumption is one of the few things that don't go down, in fact, it goes up! Chocolate offers not only comforting, "feel-good" moments (and even some possible health benefits), it is a pleasure and "small indulgence" that one can still afford. Perhaps that trip to France is postponed, that HD TV may have to wait, but not the pure pleasure of chocolate.

The Chocolate Guide: To Local Chocolatiers, Chocolate Makers, Boutiques, Patisseries and Shops
TasteTV adds the Eastern edition of their Chocolate Guide to their growing list of food resource publications. TasteTV is the first and leading on demand & online food, wine and lifestyle network, with exciting programs ranging from chocolate, wine, restaurants and recipes to chefs, travel, fashion & design. Launched in 2004 as the Indie Food Channel, the network has been at the forefront of new media.

Chocolate + Travel & Event business- Bittersweet Escapes offers a sinfully delicious Chocolate-filled weekend in NYC
New York, NY – September 8, 2008— Bittersweet Escapes today announced the official launch of their website (www.bittersweetescapes.com), offering exclusive trips & events centered around the world’s favorite sweet treat.

It is polite to play with chocolate…
The Definition of a Sweet Night Out: Hosting an interactive chocolate party set in a gourmet chocolate setting where you make chocolate, mold chocolate, learn about chocolate and of course…eat chocolate! All you have to do is show up, enjoy time with friends and leave the cleanup to someone else. Sweet! And, the concept is taking off and rapidly becoming one of the hottest new party concepts.

Schakolad Chocolate Factory Introduces Exotic New Truffle Flavors
Schakolad Chocolate Factory Introduces Exotic New Truffle Flavors For Chocolate enthusiasts, Chocolate knows no season. It is pefect for every season. And, for the European-Style Chocolatier, Schakolad Chocolate Factory, that statement now has very distinct flavors to back it up.

Hershey's Lost Miniature
Here's an email exchange that took three years to reach a conclusion! I thought it would be fun to share the saga of the Hershey's Lost Miniature with other CocoaJava readers. I welcome more information about this little goodie.

Fueling the Appetite: Poetically Speaking
By Chocolate Zoom Editor Anya Starykh
Poetry carries connotations of romance and seduction, and what can be more romantic than indulging a chocoholic with poetry about chocolate… while enjoying chocolate?

CocoaJava's Arbitrary, Subjective, Pay-It-Forward,
Recommended Holiday Guide to Services and Products - December 2007
As we slide into the holiday season, it seems like a great time to offer a shopping guide. Every website included in this guide has a special place in CocoaJava.com's heart, each for their own special reason. This is my small way of saying a 'thank you' to them and encouraging you to check out what each site has to offer.

Martine's Chocolates Celebrates their 15th Anniversary and the Holidays!
This holiday season marks the fifteenth anniversary of Martine's Chocolates, one of the nation's most highly acclaimed brands. To celebrate this milestone, owner and founder Martine Leventer has commissioned a collectible limited-edition 15th Anniversary Keepsake Box in which to present her acclaimed hand-made gourmet chocolates.

Making Chocolates at Home, Made Easy!
You can make your own chocolate at home in less time and with much less effort than you ever thought possible! Indulgers of chocolate unite and read on for homemade chocolate tips, made easy...

What is a Chocolate Fountain?
By Edwin Hall
How does a chocolate fountain work and what can I do if my home fountain doesn't work properly? This article explains how chocolate fountains work and how to get the most out of your home fountain.

World’s Most Expensive Chocolates
By Michelle Faber
Chocolate may be an aphrodisiac, but it is also a $$$moneymaker!
(according to Forbes Magazine) - You might enjoy knowing what Forbes Magazine considers to be the world’s most expensive and most likely, least affordable chocolates.

Vancouver's Hot Chocolates
Even with its notorious annual rainfall of 1117mm, the city of Vancouver in the Canadian province of British Columbia continues to rank highly on Mercer’s Quality of Life index. The survey results may have had something to do with the city’s apt remedy: irresistible hot chocolates.

Graffiti Bars to Debut in March, 2007
Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar turns back the clock, goes back in the day and throws down a stylin’ new line of choc-o-graphic Graffiti Bars to debut this March, 2007.

Ten legendary New York City graffiti artists including Blade, Crash, Crachee, Crime 79, Dondi, Dr. Revolt, Iz the Wiz, Lady Pink, Spar One and Stay High 149 have created one-of a kind works transforming wrappers for an array of new candy bar of which a portion of the proceeds will benefit the All-Stars Project.

A New Twist On An Old Concept - Chocolate Pots
T&T Esprit Porcelain is an artistic collaboration of sculptors, ceramists, decorators, designers and plastic makers who have used magic and inspiration to create exquisite porcelain objects of art for you to use to serve up your hot chocolate.

Cookbook Review: Brownies to Die For!
This complete guide for brownie lovers is for everyone who's ever enjoyed these chocolate treats, and knows what brownie-cravings are like.

Le Chocolat - A Short Story by Nanette Littlestone
(Visit her at her website, Words of Passion )
A Parisian courtesan struggles with her lifestyle and her desire for expensive chocolate. Can she be happy with an impulsive young American or must she resign herself to the typical French lover?

Alabama Manufacturer to Donate 10% of Profits to Hurricane Relief
Moved by the catastrophic losses of businesses and individuals across the Gulf Coast of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, American Chocolate Fountain™ manufacturer Buffet Enhancements International, Inc.™, commits to raising funds for hurricane Katrina disaster relief.

"The Chocolate Shot"
Long before chocolate was eaten, it was served and enjoyed as a drink. The Maya drank 'chocolatl' made from roasted cocoa beans, water and a little spice. Montezuma shared it with the Spaniards. Hernan Cortes wrote a letter to the King of Spain calling chocolate "The divine drink which builds up resistance & fights fatigue".

CBGB’S by Chocolate Bar Collection Launch: May, 2005
You may have a desk job but you can still raise hell. Chocolate Bar invites you to Save CBGBs by celebrating two of our favorite things brought together for one good cause. CBGBs: New York’s landmark venue and luscious, gourmet chocolate.

Low Carb Holiday Hints
The second in a series of low-carb articles by Vicki Shaver

The holidays can be a real challenge for low carb dieters – especially ones who crave chocolate. Over the years I have come up with a few holiday hints, and even a recipe or two that will allow you a taste of the season without falling off the low carb wagon.

Navigating the Low Carb Chocolate Bar Craze
The first in a series of low-carb articles by Vicki Shaver

Today, there are so many low carb choices that you nearly trip over them on your way to the check out. However, one thing hasn’t changed much, and that’s the premium price. So you don’t have to waste your time, money or discriminating sweet tooth, experimenting, I am going to give you the benefit of my years of research.

The San Francisco Chocolate Factory
I recently received an assortment of chocolates to sample, enjoy and review. I've certainly done the first two steps, and now it's time to tell you what I think of their signature tins chocolates.

Chocolate Bar: Recipes and Entertaining Ideas for Living the Sweet Life
Written By Chocolate Bar founders Matt Lewis & Alison Nelson. From chocolate fondues, moles, sundaes, brownies and cookies Chocolate Bar: Recipes and Entertaining Ideas For Living the Sweet Life will show you how to shake your bon bon while achieving swank affairs of style.

Long Grove Confectionery Company's Chocolate Factory Tour
Located in the north to northwest suburbs of Chicago, the Long Grove Confectionery Company's Chocolate Factory Tour awaits your visit. You will experience the old-fashioned way of making chocolate…all hand crafted and uniquely packaged into our gourmet line of the finest quality chocolate products.

Georgia Catering Company Offers New Low Carb Drinkable Desserts for Chocolate Lovers
2/8/04 Press Release: A specialty catering company in Alpharetta, Ga., says, “Pity the poor carb counters no more.” Coinciding with the annual Valentine’s Day chocolate overload, Mocha My Day Mobile Espresso is launching a new drink menu that will allow carb counters to once again imbibe in the pleasures of chocolate. Quite literally, they want you to drink it.

Working Chocolate: The Perfect Chocolate for any Situation By Veera Hiranandani
Veera offers fun, practical advice on the perfect chocolate choice for any given situation life brings your way.

Gourmet Coffee On A Shoestring Budget - By Claudberta Meador
Learn how
to make your own delicious flavored coffees at home for a fraction of the price of the fancy gourmet varieties!

Hot Chocolate Unscramble Word Game
- Game Created by Carolyn Stratton
How many words can you find in this favorite winter drink? Pour yourself a cup of hot chocolate and get ready to play!

Chocolate Reality - By Rachel Sokol
Rachel Sokol talks about growing up in a chocolate-obsessed family, and what it means to have a sweet tooth in New York City. She also reviews New Yorks latest chocolate destination, the Chocolate Bar.

Mexico's Food Of The Gods Festival October 5-12, 2002
06/11/02 Press Release: Each October more food lovers from the U.S. are heading down to the annual "Food of the Gods Festival" in Oaxaca, Mexico to explore the popular Oaxacan cuisine and experience the diverse culture of its people.

Say YES To Low Carb Chocolate - By Rhonda K. Elpers
I know what you're thinking. I know because I used to think the same thing. Low-carb? Chocolate? Coffee? No way, right? Wrong.

The Mystery Science of Chocolate - By Jean Jackson
Chocolate seeking aliens, ancient myths and legends, bad poetry and more. It's everything we have come to expect from one of the web's most surprising and gifted conceptual writers.

Chocolate Questions & Answers
CocoaJava receives e-mail asking various interesting questions, which of course we happily research and answer for our readers. Here are some of the questions we've been asked along with our responses.

Fun Facts and Little Known Trivia
Impress your friends with these bite-size bits of chocolate knowledge. You'll never lack for interesting conversation when you show off your gift for 'sweet talk'.

Chocolate's History - A Timeline
This timeline traces the evolution of chocolate, from its origins as a popular European beverage to the familiar American candy bars of the present.

Chocolate Glossary
The CocoaJava Chocolate Glossary is your comprehensive reference guide to various chocolate terms and ingredients. When in doubt, look it up in the glossary.

How To Make Chocolate Coated Spoons

A simple plastic spoon coated in chocolate is a nice touch to add to a gift of coffee beans. You'll soon think of other gifts that would also be enhanced by these sweet utensils.

The Sweetest Places On Earth
From the chocolate shops of Belgium, to the heartland of America and on to the shores of Australia, sweet vacations around the world call out for you to come and indulge in chocolate excess.

Mix It Up
Why make your own beverage and pudding mixes when you can buy them at the store? Because you can do things with your own mixes you can't do with those commercial products!

Are Chocolate Hearts Healthier Hearts?
Is it possible that chocolate could actually be good for you? New findings may change our perception of chocolate's place in a healthy diet.

Restricted Diet? Unlimited Desserts!
Many chocolate devotees face dietary challenges. These may take the form of allergies, diabetes, weight control, lactose intolerance, or other special concerns.

A Teaspoon Of Cinnamon, And A Cup Of... What?
You'll be amazed at some of the ingredients in the recipes I will be sharing with you. Keep an open mind though, because they are rich, full of chocolate, and utterly delicious.

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