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There is no charge for a basic listing on our links pages. When you request that a link be added, we will review the site. If we consider the site to be a valuable addition to CocoaJava we will then add a link to it.
To submit a link, send us an email at lori at cocoajava dot com. It is very helpful to submit a short description to go along with your link. CocoaJava reserves the right to modify these descriptions to comply with the overall tone of this website.

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Your place for chocolate and coffee on the web. Recipes, links, articles, forum discussions, reviews, news, trivia, quizzes, and more!

Enhanced Link Listing
Highlight your listing with bold type and a small graphic for only $20 a year per link. Below is an example of a regular listing, followed by an enhanced listing:

Seattle's Best Coffee
You may have thought that other Seattle company that begins with an "S" was the best. Ms. CocoaJava begs to differ. If you are looking for quality coffee from the Emerald City, this is the link you need to click.

Jeremiah's Pick
This San Francisco roaster uses high quality Arabica beans. For something a little different, try their Chocatal Coffee, which is a blend of coffee beans and cocoa nibs, for a coffee/chocolate blend that's smooth and flavorful.

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Special Needs & Promotions
If you have any questions, special needs, wild ideas or brainstorms you would like us to consider, please email me at lori at cocoajava dot com. I'm approachable, adaptable and eager to work with you. Ideas for sponsoring contests and promotions are also welcome - my readers are a fun-loving bunch and are sure to enjoy them!

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12 Pages - Your Choice
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$180 full year