Writers Wanted!

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 You’ve always wanted to be a Internet darling, admit it. Here’s your chance! You can make the web a better place, become a published writer, gain fame and recognition, and all for absolutely no monetary gain. Yes, you heard me right!

CocoaJava welcomes your contributions. If you would like to write an article about chocolate or coffee, or wax poetic on either subject, I would love to see if together we can make those dreams of fame (fortune not included) come true.

I also welcome other creative endeavors! Games, puzzles, graphics, artwork, photography, it’s all fair game and helps make the site more fun for everyone.

I believe in giving lots of credit where credit is due, so you can count on your name being prominently displayed with your creation. I also believe that you alone own the rights to publish your works, and will happily hand them back to you upon request if you wish to use them exclusively elsewhere.

Writing for CocoaJava is a great way to practice the craft of writing, gain exposure, and be a part of a fun website. If you aspire to a writing career, just think how handy it will be to be able to point to your articles at CocoaJava!

So, come on, get involved! Share your talent with the world!




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