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CocoaJava welcomes advertising! Do keep in mind that this is a coffee and chocolate resource site, and I will give preference to advertising that is on topic. Advertising for other products or services will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

As of March, 2016, I am no longer relying on advertising revenue to support Instead, I am going to a barter system – your ad will be placed here, in return for my ad being placed at your site.

In 2014 I started writing and publishing Young Adult novels and short stories (finally, after a few decades of procrastination) – and I’d ask that you consider an advertising trade. If you are willing to place a review of one of my books at your website, or install a graphic image advertising one of my books, with a link to it at, I’ll be happy to host your advertisement here at

Ad Guidelines

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125×125 square graphic
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Column appears throughout the site

Basic Link Library Listing
A listing for your coffee or chocolate site in our links library is free! Just find the links page you feel is the best match to your site, and use the submission form right there on the page.  I’ll take care of the rest.

Special Needs & Promotions
If you have any questions, special needs, wild ideas or brainstorms you would like me to consider, please talk to me. I’m approachable, adaptable and eager to work with you. Ideas for sponsoring contests and promotions are also welcome – my readers are a fun-loving bunch and are sure to enjoy them!

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