Restaurant Review: Limones Mexican and Californian Cuisine

October 20, 2015

How Much Chocolate Is Too Much Chocolate? We May Never Know.

If you find yourself in Asheville, North Carolina, stop and pay attention. There’s a restaurant you simply cannot miss.

Foodies with a penchant for chocolate should plan to spend an evening at Limone’s Mexican and Californian Cuisine.  Whiskey is an artist, friend, and foodie who disdains social media’s overuse of posting photos of one’s dinner… or at least she did until Limone’s happened. Whiskey found herself in a situation that clearly called for posting photos of one’s dinner. All of social media could take a lesson here. When the food is this amazing, we want you to share it.

I asked Whiskey if I could share her photos, and if she’d want to write a short review. She said yes and yes, and here’s her review.

“Review: Oh god, the food. Yes, the waitstaff. Yes, the location. But dear god, the food.”

(click any picture for a larger, yummier view)

Whiskey Mojito

Dinner started with the perfect Mojito. Whiskey had three.


Whiskey Lobster Chili Relleno

Lobster Chili Relleno. Yes, I said Lobster. Whiskey said, “Got DAMN”


Whiskey Tacos

These tacos certainly aren’t from a speedy food joint with a clapper-ed item that goes bong in the logo.


Whiskey Flourless Torte

And finally – dessert! A Flourless Torte, impeccably presented.


Whiskey Flourless Torte Close Up

Let’s look at that flourless torte more intimately.


Whiskey Churros and Drinking Chocolate

As if that flourless torte wasn’t enough, Whiskey also enjoyed Churros and Drinking Chocolate.  “churros and drinking chocolate. After the torte. I’m seriously going to be sick. But worth it.”

If you’ve been to Limones, drop a comment and tell us all about your dinner – AND DESSERT!

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