Rogers Family Company Coffee Review

June 8, 2014

by Lori Holuta

Recently I introduced CocoaJava readers to Rogers Family Company, who I admire both for their excellent products as well as their compassion for our environment.  The company kindly sent me a variety of their 97% Bio-Degradable single serve pods. I shared them with Mister Cocoajava, and together we enjoyed many delicious cups of coffee.

For you busy readers taking a glance at my site as you gulp your coffee – the short review would state that I loved every variety, EVEN the decaf.

For readers with a little more time to relax, lean back, sip a warm mug lovingly brewed and read on for more details about Rogers Family Company’s various blends.

Trial Size On Cup French Roast

Trial Size On Cup French Roast

French Roast
Since I adore dark, rich coffee, the French Roast was by far my favorite of the bunch. This one’s a blend of Arabica coffee from Central and South America, and while it’s very strong stuff, it’s not the least bit bitter. And good gosh, the aroma!  You’d better be sitting down when you burst open the bag.  I spent some time simply breathing it in, before remembering I should actually brew a cup – which was everything that initial burst of aroma promised; a truly outstanding cup of coffee.
Try a sample pack of the French Roast – and Rogers Family picks up the shipping costs.


All You Need Is Java Love

Java Love
A good choice for pleasing folks with varying preferences.  Not as bold as the French Roast, but not a wimp, either.  Made from a blend of organic Indonesian and Latin American beans, I will freely admit that I popped pods of Java Love into the Keurig four times on one Saturday morning, and loved the last sip as much as the first.  Mr. CocoaJava reported this coffee was noticeably stronger and pleasantly invigorating, while remaining smooth and not at all bitter.

Breakfast Blend

Breakfast Blend
While admittedly I loved the French Roast and it was indeed my favorite, the overall household favorite is the Breakfast Blend.  Since CocoaJava Headquarters is populated by varied tastebuds (I love strong and bold, he likes flavorful and gentler, and Chives the cat abstained his vote) we found the Breakfast Blend coffee to be a perfect meeting ground.

Mr. CocoaJava says, “It had a bright flavor and an inviting aroma, very smooth without any bitterness and a wonderful aftertaste. Whenever I was just in the mood for a good cup of coffee, and not craving something flavored, this one was my choice, and by far, my favorite. I could drink this coffee everyday and never get tired of it.”

The Breakfast Blend is a definite -go-to coffee and good to have on hand for company who might have unpredictable tastes. Highly flavorful while not trying to be bold, smooth and mellow (as are all Rogers Family Coffees, really) and with a very pleasing aftertaste, Breakfast Blend should be the highlight of your morning.
Gorilla Decaf

Gorilla Decaf
I will freely admit that I felt hesitant as I opened the package of Gorilla Decaf cups. I’ve never been able to tolerate the taste and aroma of decaf coffee.  Cautiously, I took a whiff. I could tell the difference between this and the regular coffees but it was only a little off-putting.  Bravely, I brewed a cup. Now, you’ll never be able to fool me into not noticing I’m drinking decaf, but after a few sips, I acclimated. That signature decaf smell was quite faint, and I got used to it quickly.  I actually enjoyed my cup, and drank every drop! Mr. CocoaJava also liked this one, and as far as a decaf coffee, thought it was well done.

For those who prefer or need to drink a decaffeinated coffee, this one is sure to please.

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