Kaffeologie S Filter for Aeropress

December 19, 2013

by Erehwon Yoshikawa

While the proprietor of the CocoaJava prefers their french press, I am a dedicated AeroPress fan, if only because the AeroPress is easier to clean than a french press. Unlike a french press, the AeroPress goes through paper filter disks. It helps with cleanup, but it’s something to run out of.

Two years ago Kaffeologie, a small manufacturer of stainless steel coffee filters, held a Kickstarter to finance the inital batch of S Filters, a permanent filter for the AeroPress. Kaffeologie nows sells the S Filter directly from their site. I’ve been using the S Filter since this fall, and I’ve been pleased with it.

Erehs FilterThe stainless steel filter is more porous than the paper AeroPress filters, so I recommend switching to the inverted AeroPress method if you already haven’t. The inverted method will also let you extract more flavor from the grounds, so you use less coffee than the default method of brewing. Kafeeologie recommends pressing at three minutes, other inverted methods go for less time. Experiment!

The filter cleans easily under running hot water.

You’ll notice that more oils come through to the final cup, as you would expect with a french press. So, if you prefer a crisper cup of coffee, the stainless steel filter is not recommended. Stay with the paper filters or other brewing methods, such as siphoning. But if you enjoy a rich cup of coffee, I recommend the Keffeologie filter.

— EY

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