TCHO Chocolate Review

December 17, 2013

by Lori Holuta

TCHO Mokaccino

TCHO Mokaccino

Out of the blue recently, a friend sent me a message: “Okay, I have a totally weird thing to tell you.  We were thinking of you today when we were shopping at the Farmer’s Market. Well, we found a new chocolate that just screamed you.  TCHO, which is an independent bay area chocky maker doing amazing things. They’ve partnered with Blue Bottle Coffee, which is arguably the best coffee in the bay area.”

Not long after that, a package appeared in my mailbox. It contained a bar of Mokaccino, which the website describes as “Warm, roasted nuttiness and complex dried fruit notes from freshly roasted Blue Bottle coffee blend seamlessly with the dense caramel and cocoa notes in our SeriousMilk chocolate.”

I describe it as “Mmmmm. More please. Don’t touch that!  Mine!” This is a rich, highly satisfying blend of flavors. I loved my first taste of TCHO chocolate and now I face the difficult decision of what flavor to try next!

Maybe… all of them!  And while I’m at it, I think I’ll browse the Blue Bottle Coffee site.

TCHO – New American Chocolate

Blue Bottle Coffee

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