Introducing the Steampunk 4.0

July 4, 2013

Information contributed by request from Alpha Dominche

Alpha Dominche® is proud to introduce the American made Steampunk™ 4.0. This innovative coffee shop workhorse ensures the most repeatable, flavorful extraction in every cup, brewing up to four cups of coffee or tea simultaneously. Its advanced controls empower baristas to set specific brew parameters for each cup, offering flavor profiles similar to those produced by a range of brew processes – from French press to pour-over – while also uncovering new and exciting profiles you won’t find anywhere else.

In short, the Steampunk is a first-of-the-kind for the industry, providing a commercially viable single-cup brewing method for café owners, and an amazing cup of coffee or tea for their customers.

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The Steampunk is Unlike Any Other
It’s the brain child of a passionate, mad scientist-type who moved from tinkering with vintage scooters to creating an entirely new category of brewing equipment in his own garage. The result? An innovative café workhorse with four times the coffee and tea brewing capacity of any other machine on the market. With an artful mix of metal, quartz, wood and glass, the Steampunk isn’t just a visual knockout; it’s reliable, serving the same quality cup, time and time again. Clocking in at a compact three feet wide, two feet deep and just over three feet high, this ultra sleek revolutionary brewer has a perfect balance of manual control and automation, you won’t find anywhere else.

We feel honored to have accepted the 2012 Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) “Best New Product” award, and are excited to officially launch the Steampunk in the U.S. in Spring of 2013.

A New Category in Coffee and Tea Brewing Technology
At Alpha Dominche we are lucky to call coffee industry veteran, Khristian Bombeck, our chief inventor and founder. Always curious, he combined his love for coffee, mechanics and design to create the Steampunk, a revolutionary, first-of-its-kind coffee and tea brewer. As a passionate team, we truly love and respect the coffee and tea process – everything from cultivation through preparation – and that’s why we’re obsessed about making the most flavorful cup – each and every time.

The Alpha Dominche team isn’t just made up of in-house thinkers, tinkerers and coffee drinkers – our family extends beyond the four walls of the Salt Lake City warehouse, and includes anywhere a Steampunk is housed, loved or desired. At Alpha Dominche we think of our team, release partners, distributors and their customers as family.

Steampunk 4.0Alpha Dominche Philosophy
Alpha Dominche is driven by one mission alone: making high quality coffee and tea accessible to everyone, in record time. We operate under the belief that a great cup of your favorite caffeinated (or decaffeinated, if you must) beverage shouldn’t be dictated by time and the varying experience of a barista. Instead, Alpha Dominche has worked hard to become an expert in mastering the transformation between what the brewing options were, and what they can be; a streamlined, interactive process that brews excellent coffee and tea for the masses. We believe we’ve found the sweet spot of combining functionality with aesthetics, and innovation with tried and true techniques; a winning, well-caffeinated combination, if we do say so,

Executive Biographies

Khristian Bombeck – President & CEO
Khristian has always been a tinkerer, developing a love for machinery and design at an early age. His summers in Alaska were spent pulling apart old vintage scooters and motorcycles, and his winters were spent snowboarding. After graduating with a degree in Economics from Montana State University in Bozeman, Khristian and his wife, Heather, opened a co!ee bar and roastery across from campus where they became known for offering new and unique coffees to the area.

While Khristian continued to fine-tune his knowledge of coffee roasting and brewing over time, he came to understand a good cup of coffee is the sum of its parts. An “Ah Ha!” moment in his café led to an invention made of discarded coffee brewer gears, metal, wood and glass – now known as the award-winning Steampunk. Khristian still likes to tinker with  scooters, but prefers to spend quality time experimenting with new brew parameters on the Steampunk or grabbing a bit of downtime with his wife and three young children.

Kevin Park – Executive Chairman
Kevin comes to Alpha Dominche with a wealth of professional experience spanning the technology, entertainment and legal worlds. He was the Executive Vice President of the Wagner/Cuban Companies, where he also served as president of Landmark Theatres. Kevin previously served as vice president of as a key leader in taking the company from infancy through IPO, and subsequent sale to Yahoo! Inc. Post-acquisition, Kevin was general manager of Yahoo! Broadcast Services.

Kevin will tell you he’s a recovering lawyer, having practiced law with two national firms after earning a bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University and a Juris Doctorate degree from Southern Methodist University School of Law. At Alpha Dominche, Kevin finds himself pursuing his true professional passion, building a business from start-up to growth. Kevin’s personal interests include spending time with family, perfecting his golf swing, good music, fine wines and, of course, well-brewed coffees.

Sam DuRegger – Business Development
Sam discovered coffee out of pure necessity, during the long hours of powering through the M.B.A. program at University of Oklahoma. He then perfected his palate during his second grad school foray at John Brown University, where coffee was as important as a library card. After graduate school, Sam spent time at Digerati, where he was team lead and project manager of YouVersion, an app that boasts more than 42 million mobile downloads.

Sam comes to Salt Lake City by way of Dwolla, a mobile payment network, where he spent his time in business development and customer relations. Sam has a highly caffeinated role at Alpha Dominche — developing marketing and education initiatives, as well as engaging new business opportunities. When he’s not at work, Sam enjoys spending time with his wife, Candace, daughter, Hadassah and unruly Weimaraner, Ouray. He can be found outside most weekends — SUP boarding, road and mountain biking, fly fishing, backpacking and snowboarding. He also enjoys woodworking and writing, both of which pair well with a Steampunk’d cup of single origin coffee.

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