Exceptional Products Through Compassionate Farming

March 22, 2013

By Che Sweetland of Meadowfly Farm


A message from Che Sweetland, crafter of handmade goat milk soaps:

Working alongside my pet dairy goats, I use their compassionately-farmed milk to create a variety of all-natural, handmade goat milk soaps that appeal to everybody in the family. My soaps include ingredients such as Shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oil. I use natural preservatives, essential oils for scent, and natural colors such as lemon peel powder and olive leaf powder. All of our soaps have a lovely, creamy lather. Because each bar of soap is handmade, there will be slight variations from item to another which makes each bar unique!

I founded Meadowfly Farm in 2009 with the intent of creating a compassionate environment for pets and farm animals as well as people. I decided to start making goat milk soap for family and friends who are particularly sensitive to fragrance oils or other chemicals used in mainstream soaps. My family and friends liked the soap so much that I started Goat Milk Soap by Meadowfly Farm in 2012 and began to sell my soaps.

Compassionate farming is my passion! I believe that healthy, content animals create the best products. My family owns and operates a micro-farm nestled in the woods of Maine. We live with compassion toward our animals, each other, and the earth. My animals are provided environmental enrichment in addition to plenty of human interaction. Unlike most dairy goat farmers, I feel that it is important for goats to have the experience of mothering and of learning to be a goat. I allow my mother goats to raise their kids. Most dairy goat farmers will separate the kids from the mothers immediately after birth, then milk the female goats and bottle-raise the kids. This allows the farmer to control how much milk the kid gets and how much milk the farmer gets. This may increase the amount of milk that those farmers get from each doe, but I feel that it is not in the goats’ best interest. Out of compassion for my goats and by putting their needs ahead of mine, I am proud to work with my goats rather than around them. Each of my goats is a pet. They each have a name. I know the sound of their individual voices. My goats are happy, healthy animals. Because of this, they create healthier milk which makes the exceptional soap that I create.

While providing my customers with exceptional goat milk soap, I am spreading knowledge about compassionate farming techniques. The health and wellness of my goats is held as more important than producing larger quantities of milk. By allowing goat kids to be raised by their mothers, I am providing both mother and kid goats with a better quality of life. I also educate my customers on the importance of good nutrition, environmental enrichment, and loving care for pets as well as farm animals. For too long, farm animals have been considered and treated like property. If a farm animal isn’t “earning its keep,” it was sold or slaughtered. Goat farmers have manipulated natural processes by not allowing does to raise their kids, given medications to the does to increase milk production despite the fact that this physically burdened those mother goats, and bred each goat every year until she died. In my opinion, these practices are wrong. In my experience, they are unnecessary. By educating my customers and sharing my knowledge. I hope to improve the quality of life for all farm animals.

I am thrilled to share my soaps and my message with my customers and online followers!

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