JinJu Chocolate Review: The Akoya Collection

February 5, 2013
JinJu Chocolates 16 pc. Akoya Collection

JinJu Chocolates 16 pc. Akoya Collection

I recently received a 16-piece box of chocolates from JinJu Chocolates. While I would have no problem whatsoever enjoying the entire box myself (in one sitting!), I decided that two opinions are better than one, and so I invited Ken (Mister CocoaJava) to sample these little treasures with me. Here are our impressions of JinJu’s Akoya Collection, which was described to us as “Bonbons in a refreshing combination of flavors including berries, citrus, passion fruit and Tahitian vanilla bean.”

The chocolates are created by Chef Jin Caldwell, the founder of JinJu Chocolates and one of the United State’s top chocolatiers.

Vanilla Dream
“Tahitian vanilla bean infused caramel blended with Swiss milk chocolate, in dark chocolate”

I found this a pleasant enough morsel, although the delicious caramel tended to overtake the vanilla. This was my first taste of JinJu chocolates; this bite reminded me that caramel does not have to be a jaw-wrenching ordeal. Caramel can be very smooth, creamy and light.

Ken found the chocolate shell to be crisp and fun, but also thought the vanilla took a backseat to the caramel. Overall he proclaimed it to be a pleasant little chokkie.

Lemon White Chocolate
“Lemon infused white chocolate ganache in creamy white chocolate”

The lemon flavor starts light, but grows gently in the mouth as the candy is enjoyed, but it never becomes too lemony. The textures throughout this chocolate are absolutely perfect, and the ideal accompaniment to the delicate flavor. The aftertaste is also quite good.

Ken enjoyed the creamy white chocolate, proclaiming it to be have very good body. Many creamy chocolates have a ‘runny’ center, but this one, does not. He loved how the flavor grew and grew. He’s decided this is one of his favorite of JinJu’s confections.

Berry Mascarpone
“Summer berry jelly layered with mascarpone creme ganache in Swiss milk chocolate”

This is the standout chocolate in the box. I loved the balance of flavors. The berry filling merged perfectly with the chocolate. The only drawback was that there were not more of this flavor in the box, or I would have kept right on eating them!

Ken enjoyed this chocolate immensely, too. He felt it had a good balance of great flavors and textures. The cream is smooth. The chocolate is excellent. He was also heard to say, “the berry really punches out!”

Key Lime
“Fresh key lime juice and zest blended with white chocolate, in dark chocolate”

It’s a very pretty morsel. the crisp chocolate shell contrasts nicely with the smooth caramel.  However, the actual lime flavor was not as intense as I would have preferred.

Ken said the caramel flavor at first completely overwhelmed the key lime, but that the second bite allowed the key lime to finally sneak through. A bit disappointing as key lime is one of his favorite flavors.

Tropical Fruit
“Passion fruit and mango with a hint of vanilla, in milk chocolate”

This is an unusual flavor combination, but one my tongue became very interested in right away! It’s one of those tastes that takes a moment to fully bloom. As with all the JinJu chocolates we tasted today, the center was delightfully creamy and the shell had a delicate snap when bitten.

Ken enjoyed this one as well.  He said the fruit flavors were very unique and grew nicely, with an excellent aftertaste.

Please visit JinJu Chocolates to learn more about all their chocolate collections – and don’t miss the beautiful chocolate jewelry! 

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  1. Maureen York on August 28, 2013 at 7:39 am

    JinJu Chocolates are a delectable product that delight your senses visually with their beautiful colors and shine, and then tantalize your taste buds with unique flavor combinations. The salted citrus caramel, the pecan caramel, the almond dragees are some of the best in the industry. The perfectly roasted nuts play off of the flavor of a butter rich caramel or the balanced dark chocolate to perfection. Jin Caldwell is truly devoted to her craft and her specialization in the chocolate field is evident in her creations.

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