Home Roasting Lessons with Jim Cameron

September 4, 2012

Jim Cameron is a 30 year veteran in the Specialty Coffee Industry and charter member of the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America). Having sold his roasting business, Jim now uses the skills and contacts with importers and brokers developed in 30 years of roasting to purchase, cup and sell green beans to the home roasting trade. His company, u-roast-em, is a great source for green coffee beans you can be certain are of the highest quality.

Jim’s written a series of articles aimed at the hopeful home-roaster.  I hope you enjoy the learning process – and your own home roasted brews!

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Close View of Coffee Beans with Dew Drops 
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Introduction: Roasting Your Own Coffee – A Hobby You Can Love 

Lesson One: Roast Your Own Coffee Beans 

Lesson Two: La Minita Coffee – It’s in the Green Beans 

Lesson Three:  Cooling Your Coffee Beans – The Most Overlooked Part Of Home Roasting

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