Coffee, According to Sarah

May 16, 2012

When you sip your morning coffee or have that double espresso to stay awake for your final exam do you know what you’re actually drinking? Well, find out as I take you on a whirlwind trip covering five of coffee’s facts, myths, and legends.

COFFE MYTH #1: Coffee stunts children’s growth.
COFFE FACT #1: Though, there is no compelling evidence that coffee stunt’s growth, it is still not a very wise decision to give children caffeine. Caffeine plays a major role in dehydration which is not a very healthy choice.

COFFEE MYTH #2: Coffee doesn’t keep you alert for long.
COFFE FACT #2: Yes, your morning cup O’ Joe may perk your spirits, but studies suggest that gulping small shots of coffee though out the day will have a more lasting effect on alertness than many large cups in one sitting.

COFFE MYTH #3: Coffee helps protect against breast cancer.
COFFEE FACT #3: Okay, coffee may not be able to save you from breast cancer, but a recent test in Japan shows that drinking your morning java may cut your risks of a common liver cancer in half.

COFFEE MYTH #4: You can tell how fresh coffee is by looking at it.
COFFEE FACT #4: Oily, glossy coffee is supposed to be fresher than dull, oil free coffee. Truthfully, coffee appearance depends on so many factors, including roast level, bean oil content, storage conditions and so on that sight isn’t exactly your road map to coffee. Only taste and smell can be a true and reliable source.

COFFEE MYTH #5: The best coffees in the world come from Italy.
COFFE FACT #5: Actually, no coffee is grown in Italy. Italy gained its reputation for coffee by several companies baring an Italian name making espresso machines.

—want more coffee facts? Don’t worry, I’ll get to it.

Sarah A. Culton

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