Stressed Bent-Over-Backwards is Desserts

April 4, 2012

Stressed out and indulgent of our favorite candy desserts
my friends and I, who are known as the 3 Musketeers,
yet hardly recognized by the boys as Hot Tamales,
and yet despite all of the whispered Snickers,
stroll down to the candy shoppe every Pay Day
to buy bagfuls of candy and chocolate in heaping Mounds.

Shredded coconut is my favorite which is found in Mounds
with chocolate being the next of my favorite desserts,
my friend Candy truly goes nuts over Pay Day
while Reese is crazy for and enjoys her 3 Musketeers,
and all three of us enjoy the spicy flavor of the Hot Tamales.

A confection of sugar coats the centers of spicy Hot Tamales,
diamond coconut flakes layer the insides of Mounds,
pieces of crunchy nougat nestle between peanuts in Snickers,
simply divine cream in-between delectable 3 Musketeers,
all rolled up and mixed into these scrumptious desserts,
are the same ingredients of a luscious, peanutty Pay Day.

Now it’s diet time, time to get unstressed, no more Pay Day,
only a small handful of those yummy Hot Tamales,
restrictions on the most prized 3 Musketeers,
limited to tiny portions of coconut Mounds,
controlling our appetite for these favorite desserts,
we possess self-discipline for a delicious caramel Snickers.

No more pieces of crunchy nougat nestled between peanuts in Snickers,
no more roasted, peanut-buttery nuts found in a Pay Day,
no more of these sinfully rich, scrumptious desserts,
no more treats of sugary sweet Hot Tamales,
no more layers of chocolate and coconut in Mounds.
no more sinfully rich and creamy delights of 3 Musketeers.

We have shed a few pounds, my friends and I, the 3 musketeers,
and from the boys we hear no more whispers and Snickers,
we no longer buy bags of candy in Mounds,
when we stroll to the candy shoppe on our Pay Day,
instead the boys crowd around, whistle, and call us Hot Tamales,
as we indulge in sugar-free chocolate treats, our new kinds of desserts.

Stressed bent-over-backwards is Desserts. A great way to relieve stress is to indulge in my favorite treats on occasion…3 Musketeers, Hot Tamales, Snickers, Pay Day and Mounds.
The other days I’ll stick to my diet of sugar-free goodies…just to keep off the pounds.

-Lisa M. Andrade

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