Finding the Perfect Coffee for Every Season

March 23, 2012

There are many great coffee pod blends available to lighten up your day at every time of year regardless of the season. Coffee pods from a variety of brands offer gourmet blends from around the world giving a different feel and expression to every taste bud.

Starting the year off in the cold winter months doesn’t have to bring you down. Enjoy an exceptional dark roast to take your mind off the frost that is forming on your car window. Melitta offers Classique Supreme pods that combine Central and South American coffee beans with that classic European aroma, perfect to hold over the bitter cold months.

As the months move from bitterly cold to festively warm, spring may not seem like the most obvious time to indulge in various strong gourmet coffees but companies like Marley Coffee offer an impressive range that allows the month of March to really come in like a lion. The One Love Fair Trade Organic pods offer an aroma that really brings out the beauty of springtime while still acting as a strong support on those early crisp mornings. The One Love coffee has a spirited tradition in how it’s made, but its Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans give your palate an exotic variety of spices, berries, and cocoa.

As the months get hotter, you might want to pull back a bit and enjoy a smooth exotic pod that enhances your visions of a tropical vacation or a day lounging at the pool. The Wolfgang Puck line of coffee pods offers an impressive Hawaiian hazelnut to meet those island beach desires. This fine, medium bodied blend offers that special touch of the islands like flavor that’s neither bitter nor too light to be a strong coffee. If you’re not looking to take your taste buds to the islands of Hawaii, then you can head down to South America with the Sorrento Columbian coffee blend which offers an aromatic medium roast that is semi sweet straight from Tolima highlands.

When it’s time to cool down for the rest of the year, begin with a hot cup that adds that bit of spice to the ensuing cooler months. Donut Shop’s line of gourmet pods offers a delicious Apple fritter blend that jumps into the colorful autumn leaves. Its sweet and tart exterior is followed by a sudden bite of cinnamon that will have you craving for some homemade cider from your local orchards.

Before you know it, it’s almost a new year again and another exciting gourmet coffee pod is waiting for you in the coffee maker. Coffee pods from lines like Marley, Wolfgang Puck, and Donut Shop alike are never short of variety, and these are just a spattering of the many gourmet flavors you can have throughout the seasons, all year round.

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