Start the Morning Right with Coffee Pods

February 24, 2012

By R.L. Fielding 

Need a hot cup of coffee to help you start the day? If so, you’re not alone. Each morning, millions of people are willing to gulp down bitter-tasting instant coffee at home, stand in line at pricey coffee shops, or settle for what’s left at the bottom of the office’s coffee pot just to get their daily fix. Fortunately, the single-serve brewing trend has produced an innovation that offers both convenience and great taste: the coffee pod.

What are coffee pods?  

Coffee pods are individually-sized portion packs of pre-ground gourmet coffee beans. Tea-filled varieties are also available. Each pod resembles a round tea bag and acts as a filter for hot water to pass through. That being said, don’t try dropping a coffee pod into your mug and pouring hot water over it – you’ll be sorely disappointed by the results. Coffee pods are intended only for use in pod-filter coffee machines, such as the models designed by Bunn, Senseo or Melitta.

Coffee pods come sealed in individual, air-tight foil pouches to lock in freshness. This protective wrap guarantees that your next cup tastes just as delicious as the last.

How do coffee pods work? 

Coffee pods are perfect for brewing a single cup of your favorite coffee quickly and easily. Since each cup is brewed when you want it, the coffee is never cold or burnt. You also have the opportunity to choose a different flavor or brand of coffee for each cup you brew.

Although brewing instructions will vary based on the type of pod coffee machine used, the process is usually as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Open the machine and insert your choice of coffee pod,
  2. Place your mug under the spout and press the brew button,
  3. Less than 60 seconds later, pick up your mug and enjoy your fresh coffee.

It’s that simple! Since coffee pods are tightly sealed, there’s never any mess to clean up. Just open the machine and toss the used coffee pod in the trash.

How can I get the best result from my coffee pods? 

While brewing with coffee pods is a very simple task, here are a few tips that will guarantee great results with each and every cup:

  1. Wet the coffee pod before brewing. By slightly moistening the coffee pod, you create a better seal within the coffee machine and make it easier for the hot water to pass through the coffee pod.
  2. Use fresh, filtered water. The better your water tastes, the better your coffee will taste.
  3. Clean your brewer regularly. Over time, mineral deposits can build up within your pod coffee machine and give your coffee a bitter taste. To remedy this, run a few brewing cycles with only white vinegar in your coffee machine. Consult your coffee machine’s instruction manual for complete descaling instructions.
  4. Don’t reuse coffee pods. Each coffee pod is designed to make one cup of coffee. If you try to recycle your used coffee pods to make a second cup, the results will be less than stellar.
  5. For stronger coffee, brew with two pods instead of one. Most pod-filter coffee machines can accommodate two pods in the single pod brewing chamber. This will increase the intensity of your coffee’s flavor as you’re combining one serving of water with two servings of coffee beans.

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