Coffee Lovers: Wake to A Gourmet Cup of Steaming Java AND Your Favorite Coffee Art Paintings

February 24, 2012

Stimulating Your Taste Buds and Your Senses

Looking to add a special designer touch to your home, showcasing truly unique art with a real hi-test flavor? For those with a taste for the extraordinary, coffee art paintings are the perfect choice, bringing together two things more and more people are passionate about – great java and great art.

Much more than simply pictures of steaming mugs, coffee art is showing up in coffee art galleries and even professionally designed homes as the art of choice for many and now you can add this same art to your own collection, and all without breaking the bank.

In fact, you can choose from magnificent works of art that are actually created using 100% coffee, which has been used as washes for sketches, and produces an unusually dark, rich hue that is sure to turn your admirers heads. To create the works, pure coffee is used on the brush, making for coffee wall art that is perfect for any home decorating.

Oftentimes, the artists will mix watercolors with the coffee to add colorful hues to the deep browns. These works of coffee art are somewhat rare, simply because the texture of the coffee makes this medium challenging to work with, which explains why so many artists prefer to stick to the traditional mediums such as watercolors, oils, etc. Additionally, if too much coffee is used by a painter, the texture will become too elastic to use as a paint and can even cause flakes to appear on the paper. This explains why only those experienced at working with coffee as paint should be relied on to provide you with coffee art for your home or office.

While the first known coffee art can be traced back to Thailand and China, the works are now seen and enjoyed worldwide and renowned for boasting an “old-look.”

So if this type of art suits your decorating taste, go ahead and start collecting coffee art, turning home decorating into a fun experience that will be talked about for many years to come!

About the painting

The Barista, by Angel and Andy Saur (used with permission)

Angel and Andy Saur’s business is all about Coffee Art. They both have been painting with coffee for many years. Among their favorite topics are coffee themes, nature, Scandinavia and every day events. Visit their Coffee Art website to see other paintings by Angel and Andy.

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