Finding The Coffee That Fits Your Style

February 24, 2012

Discover the coffees you love!

What sorts of coffees do you prefer? Everyone seems to find a certain flavor profile most likable to their taste. Once you know that taste preference, you might enjoy an exploration of some of the coffees grown throughout different regions of the world. Please allow us to be your guide… enjoy the adventure!

“I love my coffee…Strong”

“Strong coffee” can mean several things…dark color, a robust aroma or a smooth yet full body and flavor.

Dark color:

French Roast- The darkest of the roasts, offering you an intense cup with a rich lingering flavor. (Organic French Roast)

Marrakech- dark coffees sourced from western Morocco roasted to velvety standards that create a complex hearty cup with a spicy aftertaste.

Kenya- A dark roast assuring a sharp acidity, a stoic solid body and smooth winy penetrating flavor. (Characterized: Winey/Bold Body/High Acidity).

Robust aroma:

Guatamala- Aromatic and fragrant with a medium body. Offering you a unique smoky flavor is well balanced with the “spicy twist”. (Characterized: Winey/Light Body/High Acidity) – Organic Guatamalan.

Smooth & Full:

Sumatra- Expect a low-key acidity and a heavy, almost syrupy, body with a concentrated and complex flavor. (Characterized: Smooth/Heavy Body/Low Acidity) – Available in Dark Roast, Organic, and Medium Roast.

Celebes- Exhibits a rich, full body, well-balanced acidity (slightly more than neighboring Sumatra) and is multi-dimensional in character.

Panama- Complex flavors, medium – Volcanic soil grown with bold intensity and incredible clarity and brightness. (Characterized: Smooth/Heavy Body/Low Acidity) – Limited Editions are available.

“I love my coffee…Mild”

Galapagos- Organic, Rare and Exotic flavor with a delightful, medium body, balanced, coffee with an intriguing finish. (Characterized: Sweet/Light Body/Low Acidity)

Mexico- Enjoy a medium body, a fine acidity, and a satisfying flavor that is mild and sweet with a wonderful bouquet. (Characterized: Sweet/Light Body/Low Acidity) – An Organic version is available.

Brazil- Experience a low acidic, light bodied brew, with a pleasant aroma and a mild, smooth flavor. (Characterized: Sweet/Light Body/Low Acidity)

“I’d like a coffee light on the stomach (low in acid)”

Panama- Complex flavors, medium – Volcanic soil grown with bold intensity and incredible clarity and brightness, low acid. Limited Editions are available.

India- Malabar (Monsooned)- “Monsooned” beans are exposed to nature’s salty ocean elements during the processing stage, producing a most unique flavor and making for a quite distinct coffee. Look for a light body and low acidity with a mellow and soft flavor. (Characterized: Sweet/Light Body/Low Acidity) – Limited Editions are available.

Mysoor Coffees- This is the location of the gold fields in India. This Rare & Exotic coffee is sweet, spicy, and super rich with a light body and full aroma. In India, this coffee is sometimes mixed with boiled milk, cardamom, and citrus. (Characterized: Sweet/Light Body/Low Acidity)

Mind Your Tummy Blend- This is our own Gourmet CoffeeXpress custom blend of the finest low acid coffee beans, perfect for those with sensitive stomachs and perfectly balanced for all. If you experience heartburn, upset stomach, or indigestion from regular coffee, try this custom coffee blend and start enjoying your coffee again!

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