Tassimo Coffee Brewing Tutorial

February 23, 2012

By R. L. Fielding

Coffee lovers’ options greatly improved with the advent of the one-cup coffee maker. Now, instead of having to venture out to get a cup of gourmet coffee, you can brew everything from a premium french roast to a dreamy cappuccino or soothing tea at home, in less than a minute, with coffee makers such as the Tassimo Brewing System.

Whether you’re the owner of a Tassimo Brewing System or are just looking to learn more about the stylish coffee machine, this guide provides helpful information on what makes the Tassimo Brewing System unique and how to get the best brewing results with each and every cup:

What is the Tassimo Brewing System?

The Tassimo Brewing System is a convenient, easy-to-use single cup coffee maker. The machine features a large water reservoir and an adjustable cup pedestal that can accommodate regular coffee cups or large travel mugs.

What sets the Tassimo machine apart from other single cup brewers is the use of Tassimo T-Discs instead of coffee pods. T-Discs work exclusively with the Tassimo system and contain precisely measured amounts of coffee, tea, chocolate or concentrated milk. This means there is no grinding, mixing or measuring required in order to make the perfect hot beverage. The Tassimo system also offers manual settings that allow you to adjust for individual taste preferences.

What makes the Tassimo system unique?

The Tassimo Brewing System’s combination of T-Disc technology and Bar Code technology make it easy to brew a perfect cup every time.

As noted above, each T-Disc contains perfectly measured amounts of coffee, tea, chocolate or concentrated milk. The brewing process takes place inside the T-Disc as the discs internal components guide the flow of hot water using a process called “inverse filtration.”

With inverse filtration, the water is pushed upwards into the T-Disc then delivered to your cup, making for a more efficient flavor extraction process. Because the water flows from the T-Disc directly to the cup, you can brew different flavors of drink, one after the other, without the intermingling of flavors.

Each T-Disc also comes with a unique bar code printed on the label. This bar code tells the machine how to prepare your beverage. When you insert the T-Disc, the machine reads the bar code and calculates the brewing time, the amount of water needed, and the optimal brewing temperature. If you prefer, you can manually adjust the water amount or brewing time for a cup that is customized to your taste.

What can I brew?

With the Tassimo Brewing System you can make your favorite flavors of coffee, tea, real milk lattes and cappuccinos, café crema and hot chocolate. T-Discs are available for some of the most celebrated brands and varieties including Gevalia Swiss Hazelnut, Jacobs Latte Macchiato, Suchard Hot Chocolate, Twinnings Chamomile Tea, Seattle’s Best Breakfast Blend, Carte Noire Petite Dejeuner and coming in December 2007, four original Starbucks coffees.

How do I use the Tassimo Brewing System?

Using the Tassimo Brewing System is as easy as one, two, three:

1. Choose your favorite beverage brand and flavor, then insert the T-Disc upside down into the machine and place your mug on the cup pedestal.
2. Place your mug on the cup pedestal and push the start button. The Tassimo T-Disc bar code reader reads the discs and automatically calculates the settings needed to brew the perfect beverage.
3. In about 60 seconds, your cup is full and ready to enjoy.

Manually making your drink stronger or milder is easy. For large cups or travel mugs, hold the start button in after the brewing cycle has completed to dispense more water. You can also press the start button during the brewing cycle to halt flow of water for a stronger taste and smaller cup.

The large water reservoir holds about 68 ounces of water so you can make several cups before refilling. The reservoir is clear, so you will know when you need to add more water.

Clean up is a breeze. Just wipe the surface and bar code reader with damp soft cloth. The machine comes with a reusable cleaning disc that should be used every 7 days. All removable parts are dishwater safe, except the water reservoir which should be rinsed out with every filling.

T-Discs should be kept in a cool dry place away from direct light. The concentrated, real milk T-Discs used in cappuccinos and lattes do not need to be refrigerated. T-Disc’s are designed to be used once and discarded.

The Tassimo Brewing System is the perfect system for those with diverse tastes and little time. Follow the steps outlined above and you’ll be rewarded with years of fast and easy brewing, with no mess and little cleanup.

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