Discovering Australian Bundja Coffee

February 22, 2012

By Michelle Faber

Extraordinary coffees are always rare and only available in small amounts. Australian Bundja is one such coffee. Bundja is sourced from several small boutique Estates in the New South Wales, Northern Rivers Region of Australia. The areas of coffee growth are not of high elevation which makes Australian coffee a rule breaker. Not only is the country outside the tropics, but coffee is typically grown at 200-400 meters, if not infrequently lower, and rarely much above 900 meters.

Despite the low elevations, Australia grows arabica almost exclusively.

A single origin Arabica coffee, Bundja is processed with the unique “Double Pass Method”. This is where a full natural process bean (dried on the tree) is rehydrated before being pulped. This method of using a slightly overly ripened coffee gives the coffee a more distinct note. The overall lateness of the harvest and color of fruit at the time of processing, results in added sweetness and body to this coffee. Thus, Bundja coffee offers fuller body and higher fruity characteristics.

Bundja bean is exceptional in that it offers fullness with a creamy, buttery feel. The coffee is clean, well balanced, sweet and mellow with faint orange and lime like acidity.

Although still a young “Double Pass” arm in the industry, the innovative process to prepare the beans, has brought mastership to production and quality, creating an incredible coffee that is a joy to roast and privilege to sip!

There is a delicate acidity at play here. It has a lime-like quality and remains in a supporting
role to give life to the intense fruit flavours. The sweetness is upfront and enhances the length of the finish. This coffee is full with ripe fruit characteristics.

All elements complement each other well producing an extremely well balanced coffee.
While the accent is the bold blueberry and cherry flavors, there is a harmony at work that makes this coffee a well-balanced and exciting to drink.

The aroma has enticing chocolate hues typical of the region, adjunct to the floral and sweet fruity notes. The flavor offering predominantly fruity sweetness is ultimately accentuated by this chocolaty aroma that carries through the cup, along with hints of spice, orange and lime.

This coffee is a unique Single Origin Espresso. The southern latitude and unique terrain of the growing region provides a depth of character to the coffee, while the late harvest and Double Pass process provide sweetness and depth of flavor as an espresso.

Although an espresso, the sweetness in this coffee makes it versatile for most applications of preparation. The soft acidity anda slightly darker roast will create a fruit bomb style espresso. The creamy soft body and sweetness will hold well in a filter or plunger application.

This coffee works well as a filter coffee but really shines when brewed in a press pot or as espresso. An extremely rare treat from “Down Under”, if you have a chance to enjoy this coffee be sure it is with a special dinner and a rich chocolate dessert.

This is truly one of the most unique single origin coffees in the world.

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