Change the World by Changing Your Morning Routine

February 22, 2012

By R.L Fielding

Did you know that you can be an agent for positive change by making a few small changes to your morning coffee routine?

Research from the National Coffee Association (NCA) indicates that more than 100-million cups of coffee are brewed each day in homes and offices across America. In fact, coffee is second only to oil as one of the most actively traded commodities in the world. When you consider the resources it takes to get coffee from the plant to your mug, it makes sense that – just as automobiles are “going green” – there’s room for eco-friendly improvements when it comes to coffee.

Keurig, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc., is one of the companies working to provide socially- and environmentally-conscious coffee options. This is great news since about 6% of all coffee brewed in offices in the U.S. is brewed using Keurig coffee makers! If you’re one of these millions of people, here are some quick and easy ways you can help our planet:

Help Farmers

Make a difference in the lives of farmers around the world by purchasing Fair Trade Certified(TM) organic Keurig K-Cup coffees. All too often coffee prices are set by intermediaries who lower the price per pound of coffee paid to farmers then raise the price per pound for sellers. Under Fair Trade, the middleman is cut out, and farmers receive a fixed minimum price per pound. This means that farmers can count on earning a set minimum price per pound of coffee produced. Buyers of Fair Trade certified coffee help these coffee growers utilize better growing practices, and earn enough money to sustain their families and way of life.

Reduce Waste

Instead of using a new Keurig K-Cup each time you want a cup of coffee, switch to “My K-Cup” Reusable Filters. Reusable filters reduce waste as you can fill, brew, rinse and reuse the filter over and over. The Keurig single-cup filter allows for more personal customization as you choose the type of coffee, the quantity and the grind. Since there is no paper filter or K-Cup to throw away, waste is minimal. When you’re done, simply hand-rinse your reusable filter or pop it into the dishwasher.

Support a Worthy Cause

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters offers Keurig K-Cup(R) Portion Packs from Newman’s Own(R) Organics. Not only are these coffees Fair Trade Certified(TM), a portion of the proceeds go toward funding both companies’ shared philanthropic goals. In fact, Paul Newman donates 100% of his after-tax proceeds to charitable causes!

When you purchase any of Newman’s Own(R) Organics, the proceeds support Coffee Kids(TM) in its mission to help coffee-growing families in Oaxaca, Mexico. The non-profit organization works to improve the quality of people’s lives by building more sustainable communities through an innovative agricultural program.

There are currently seven selections in Newman’s Own(R) Organics line of Fair Trade Certified(TM) organic coffees: Newman’s Special Blend, Newman’s French Roast, Newman’s Special Decaf, Café Almond Biscotti, Nell’s Breakfast Blend, Colombian Especial, and Vanilla Caramel. These coffees do some good while tasting great!

It’s clear that the path to making a positive change in the world starts with small changes in your everyday life. You too can make a difference, one cup of coffee at a time.

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