New Trend Alternative to Wedding Cakes

February 21, 2012

As brides fulfill their childhood dreams of having a wedding fit for a princess, the parents cringe with every “extra” reducing their bank accounts. Many brides have followed the traditional reception of hor d’oeuvres, main entrée, and a wedding cake for dessert. Cha-ching! But with the current economy, parents are looking for short-cuts. Furthermore, brides are tired of the “cookie-cutter” weddings where the only thing differentiating theirs from their girlfriends is the groom. From these disappointing factors, wedding parties are now turning to chocolate fountains as the latest trend.

Chocolate fondue fountains have been around for a while, but most viewed this form of catering as a luxury. Now, brides and their parents have become more financially savvy, realizing they can use chocolate fountain catering to replace the old-fashioned cake and hor d’oeuvres. Let’s compare: a slice of wedding cake runs $1.50 – $6.50. This also leaves no other option for the guests if they don’t like the chosen flavor or have health precautions. Additionally, hor d’oeuvres run about $2.50+ per guest on average. Contrarily, a chocolate fountain that is tiered like a wedding cake runs about $375 which can accommodate 500+ guests.

The dipping items can be of variety ranging from hor d’oeuvre-like items such as cheese or mini-wieners to light-tasting mints and tropical fruits to desserts, such as mini-cheesecakes or éclairs, for those with a sweet-tooth. So, for a guest count of 200,-with a greater guest count equating a greater average savings- the chocolate fountain trend would cost approximately $3.65 compared to the traditional average of ($2.50 hor d’oeuvre average + $4.00 cake average) $6.50, saving the financial obligation of approximately $2.85 per guest. This totals a savings of $570 for a 200 guest reception, leaving parents and trend setting brides very happy ever after!

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