Chocolate Stout Sorbet

February 10, 2012

Chocolate Stout Sorbet


  • 18 oz of chocolate stout (Rouge's is a good one)
  • 4 T Sweet Tea Syrup


  1. Put both ingredients in your ice cream freezer and operate according to the manufacturer's directions. If you do not have an ice cream maker you can put the mixture into a shallow tray and place into the freezer. Stir every 20 minutes or so until frozen/slushy.
  2. If you have a large capacity ice cream freezer, you can double this, but tripling is not always a Good Idea. Sugar and alcohol both have antifreeze properties, so it is better to have too much freezer, in this case. Besides, if you let this freeze out of the top, you would be wasting beer.
  3. Chocolate-covered pretzels are a good garnish for this.
  4. To make the Sweet Tea Syrup:
  5. 1 c water
  6. 1 c sugar
  7. Three lemons
  8. Heat the water and sugar in a small saucepan until the sugar is dissolved, adding the zest of at least one lemon in-between stirs. Some of us have practiced enough that all three lemons get zested into the mix. When the sugar is completely dissolved, remove from heat, and add the juice of the three lemons.
  9. Store in an air-tight, non-reactive container (a glass syrup jar works a treat) in the icebox for use with properly brewed iced tea, not that nasty instant stuff.
  10. Recipe contributed by Frau Annechen Lowey

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