A little Taste Of Bliss – An Ode To The Java Bean!

January 27, 2012

By Desiree A. Krautkramer

Some would say it was chance that I moved to the practical coffee center of the world ( Seattle WA – home to Starbucks, Tully’s, Zoka’s, and Seattle’s Best Coffee!) – but, I think it was destiny. I think that on a cellular level I was called to come to Washington since my first cup of coffee at 5.

It all started with ice cream actually, and from there I welcomed the greatest addiction of my life. From my first taste of coffee ice cream I was in love with the ever holy java bean. As a thirty-three year old writer I can see that it must have been truly impressive to the angels in heaven when God showed them the ramifications of what the coffee plant would lead to. How many great pieces of art, literature and even wars have been fought with the help of the java bean. It’s no wonder it used to be seen as utterly sacred.

Yet, my first love has not always been so fashionable. I remember being in college and being the only one who had to greet the day with coffee cup in hand. I remember the looks I would get from one professor in particular. He was an herbal tea drinker and I was one of the wicked coffee drinkers. He was an addictions counselor on top of his ordinary teaching, so to him it must have seemed like my coffee was just a gateway drug to harder things like smoking, cocaine, alcohol and voting democratic. Yet, his vision was narrow. He didn’t see the way espresso would sweep the nation and how coffee is such the addictive and fulfilling thing that one really doesn’t need another higher level drug.

I admit I am a coffee addict. You know you are addicted when if you try to make it through one day without your drug of choice and you start to get withdrawal symptoms. There is nothing quite like the withdrawal pains of going from 13 shots of espresso and 4 cups coffee a day to cold turkey. I tried it once and landed up in the emergency room after my new Mormon doctor told me that coffee was evil. The ER doctor couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me – my heart was confused, my blood pressure was going whacky – had the worst migraine of my life. When he asked if I had made any recent changes I said yes, I gave up coffee – well, like an angel of mercy he went and got me some – from his own stash!

Lest you worry, I have cut down since then. I am now down to a max of 3-4 shots espresso a day. At times of stress I find I am inclined to want to burn the middle night oil with the help of my holy elixir – yet I have learned to keep it in check. I tried for a while to live without coffee and I did manage – but it really wasn’t me. But now I am in massive company with millions of Americans everywhere standing in line like drug addicts to buy overpriced caffeine boast to greet the morning drag. Maybe we could all stop with the coffee but if so who would be able to get out of bed before 11am to great a day full of overstimulation of the non-chosen kind. I know it is not ideal to have to need anything to make it through the day – but until I have God holding my hand all day long – at least let me have his Blessed coffee beans to keep me company.

Written and copyrighted by Desiree A. Krautkramer March 2003. Desiree is a freelance writer living in Seattle WA. She writes for I-d-d.com, Kate Harper Designs, and is in midst of writing a screenplay all while sipping coffee!

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