Coffee Aroma And Memories

January 27, 2012

By Claudberta Meador

I had intended to write a sentimental composition about the theme of coffee bouquets and memories, but decided that needed more than one perspective. It would be much like drinking a new brand of coffee and not allowing anyone else to have an opinion on the matter. After much research of the thousands of web sites I have read the last two weeks it would fulminate that my opinion is not in the minority. The sites included were scientific, opinion and observation.

The results were resonant that coffee brings about confirming memories there were not any antagonistic memories associated with the aroma of coffee, on the contrary people who do not drink coffee delight in the invigorating aroma of coffee. The affectionate memories brought on by the smell of coffee also included the aroma of chocolate. How appropriate for us that these two olfactory sensations to bring on lovely life long memories.

These small areas of our intellect that we tend to retreat to with a smile, arousing emotions we do not want to lose. Tenderness and happiness are associated with these smells bringing about a culmulation of thoughts. I found the simple fact that coffee is the number one smell that would trigger memories. I would like to explain how I came about with the rating.

Those who had fond memories of other aromas such as donuts, freshly baked bread, apple pie, and many other foods also coupled the smells with coffee. One scent did not stick out without the smell of coffee. I find this surprise to be fascinating.

As I walk down the stairs air permeated with freshly brewed coffee with a mother in her tattered old robe, eyes barely open while she pours father a morning cup of coffee. Many times with a smile and a kiss as she retreats to the living room allowing the overstuffed chair to envelope her into a world of steaming coffee she enjoys smelling closely. I watch her thin lips purse to blow the steamy liquid allowing it gentle entry into her mouth with an all too audible “Mmm that is so good.”

My memory is not singularly special or unique, this memory is one that many men and women have experienced throughout life. Often while walking past a café, through a store passing the coffee grinder, you will find adults and children alike light up with a smile. The next time you pour yourself a cup of coffee sit back, close your eyes and inhale the special aroma deeply allowing yourself to be enveloped by the power of your senses. Where are you now my friends, are you somewhere special? I know I am.

Copyright Claudberta Meador 2003

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