Coffee: Completely Obvious Flirtatious Feelings Everyone Expects

December 1, 2011

By Wayne Lowe

Forget all that you know, or think you know. Coffee has its power over the senses. While deciding which blend you should try today, think about what it will bring upon your senses. In need of a waking up to get regenerated in the morning? I suggest a dark thick texture, or just a light temptation of smooth silky coffee to sparkle the mind!

An ideal way for drinking coffee in the UK is the same way we all do! Slowly and eagerly awaiting the craft of essence that makes the coffee so individualistic to other drinks – it’s smell, then we drink with pleasure, whilst absorbing each drop that we sip.

Coffee doesn’t just come on its own, I suggest most coffee houses supply some form of chocolate or biscuits to tide us over till the next coffee drink sensation.

Talking about chocolate – I used to and still do sometimes drink hot chocolate at a place in Liverpool called Café Nero. I still go there but I drink tea mainly but, and there’s a but, I really admire the coffee I buy. I think of coffee not as a luxury, but as a tempting aspect of the week’s hard work.

Being a student, I go to University and work as well, so I save up some money and spend it wisely on a cup of coffee. I know if I drank coffee all the time I wouldn’t be able to taste the difference and take in all the luxurious mouthfuls of hot aroma and exotic ingredients! So I wait patiently to savour the moments of drinking coffee…

Being able to have the opportunity to love coffee is a gift, drinking it regularly I must admit is a talent! Coffee awakens our minds eye to see clearly, but again slows our mind down!

A lifestyle made up of the coffee word can make us dreamy and tired! But again coffee calls to wake us up! Having an overactive mind can make it hard to sleep, so limiting coffee sometimes does have its advantages.

I hear some of you say, “I drink coffee all the time and have for many years”. I agree that some people aren’t affected but for the few or many who are, don’t hesitate to drink coffee – merely limit the times when you take the time to taste your favorite drink! You can still have a lifestyle of coffee passions to last you a lifetime…

Completely Obvious Flirtatious Feelings Everyone Expects – these are the words of coffee lovers! Next time you sip your coffee think about this saying and look around and see what comes to mind!

Wayne Lowe is a Psychology Student, Journalist, Reporter, Writer and Radio Presenter – among his many talents.

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