A Coffee Review – Jeremiah’s Pick Chocotal

January 27, 2012

The Product: Chocatal – Cacao Nibs & Coffee Beans

Roaster: Jeremiah’s Pick Coffee of San Francisco, California

Our Verdict: Dibs on Nibs! Another Refill, Please!

If the phrase “flavored coffee” conjures images of beans permeated with fruit or nut flavorings, meant only for the casual or timid coffee drinker, get ready to think again. Jeremiah’s Pick Coffee has come up with a new twist on flavoring that does not overpower, but rather compliments the beans, and is sure to please both the connoisseur and the casual coffee consumer.

This wonderful new creation is Chocatal, a medium-dark roast coffee. 100% estate-grown Arabica beans are blended with South American and African cacao nibs, which are then ground together to marry the two flavors (this coffee is not available in whole bean form).

This blending of coffee and cacao does not create a chocolate “flavored” coffee such as other flavored coffees we have all tasted. Instead, the cacao beans impart a smooth richness while adding a subtle chocolate flavor that can be further enhanced with the use of cream and sugar.

I brought a bag of Chocatal into my office to find out what my co-workers would think of it. Several who normally use cream and sugar in their coffee decided it wasn’t necessary, which I think speaks highly for the smoothness of this blend. Also, the one-cup-a-day drinkers made a point of coming back for a refill.

Back at home, my husband enjoyed the enhanced chocolate flavor when he added milk and sugar. He also found he could drink several cups of Chocatal – something that he doesn’t often do with other coffees. It was gentler on his stomach, but still gave him the full taste experience he enjoys.

Chocatal will please a wide range of coffee drinkers with its smoothness and subtle flavor. I think it will be the rare person who doesn’t enjoy it.

Chocatal is sold at select stores across the United States, or may be purchased online through the Jeremiah’s Pick website.

Update: May 6, 2002 – Tracy, a CocoaJava reader, responds to this review…

The Chocatal I ordered after a recommendation and review from cocoajava arrived today. First of all, the delivery time on it was quick and free, since I opted for two bags, so they gets stars for that.:) Since I had a rather severe allergy thing going last night and it smelled so irresistable when I opened the box, I went for an afternoon cup of coffee, something I usually don’t do.

Once we had it brewed (and it smelled fantastic), Pete peered at his cup suspiciously until I took the first sip. Let me say first, that we have an *excellent* coffee maker which can make just about anything taste better by the brew method it uses and we tend to a wide variety of coffee. In terms of smoothness, the Chocatal held it’s own quite well. In general, the flavor was good and as you pointed out, it wasn’t a traditional flavored coffee. The mix of bean and nib went quite well together and made for a taste that was well refined. What most impressed me however, was probably the aftertaste. Coffee, by nature tends to be bitter on some level, even at it’s best. I’ve never had a coffee that I’ve enjoyed on the palate afterword like I did Chocatal. Though I can’t tell about the headache factor, I can tell that it is indeed kinder to the stomach.

As for the other Deuel, he enjoyed it quite a bit, but thought perhaps while the bean they used was good, it would go even better with a Kona. For Pete, to like a “funny” coffee is rare, and that is high praise from him.:)

All in all, this one is a keeper, without a doubt.

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