Chocolate Meditation

January 25, 2012

By Jude Fricano

When I first heard this term it immediately resonated with me. Chocolate being the wonderful, tasty experience it is and meditation the calming routine we completely benefit from practicing. When you combine the two it seems heavenly. We all know the way we feel when we experience one good piece of chocolate.

It’s satisfying and delicious. When we focus all our attention on the way that chocolate feels, smells and tastes the response from our brain is very soothing. Take a piece of chocolate. Close your eyes. Smell it. Slowly taste it.

Let it melt in your mouth while enjoying the feel of it. The entire focus enjoying this one piece of chocolate. The experience takes on a life of its own. Your focus will allow you to feel satisfied by this very small action. One good piece of chocolate. That’s all it takes. Take a moment and enjoy!

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