May your road be paved with chocolate

January 25, 2012

May your road be paved with
chocolate – bittersweet to journey
through exotic lands of mystery
and intrigue, silks and satins,
perfumes and spices, and women
with almond eyes; milk chocolate
for warm, lazy days, drifting down
river, the sun on your back, fingers
trailing in cool water, an icy drink
by your side and a straw hat pushed
low on your forehead; semi-sweet
for fields of lavender, the snowy
crest of the Matterhorn, moonlight
on the beach, and Paris in the
spring; white chocolate to relax
on a velvet sofa, wear shimmering
organza, sip Dom Perignon, eat
caviar on ridiculously tiny toast
points and dance to Frank and Ella
until the wee hours of the morning.

Whatever you do and wherever you
go, whether near or far or in between,
may your road be paved with
chocolate, for flattery will get you
nowhere; chocolate, everywhere.

Nanette Littlestone
June 2005

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