Chocolate Connoisseur

January 25, 2012

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I am being craved
As we speak
As you read
I am on your person forgave

I am a chocolate connoisseur
Solidified cocoa milk
You wanting me more
Like the taste and feel of sweet silk

Ahhhh, I am on your tongue
Are you acknowledging the taste
Are you present in this moment
Your thanking me is in the expression on your face

Devour and savor the taste
Is it the caffeine
That has you?
Are you my feign
Who craves in lieu?

I am Her She
I am GODiva
I am Sweet
Infused in your after taste saliva
Now, to have me again
What will you do?

I am light
I am dark
I am finished in one bite
I am delicious and exotic
I am your comforter
I am chocolate

Aretha Brown
Created: 8/20/06

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