Approach At Own Risk

January 25, 2012

By Ted Helt Jr.

A cup of coffee to start the day,
More civil and reserved.
A cup of coffee to face the race,
My sanity preserved.
My day begins quite early,
Much earlier than most.
Without my morning coffee,
I’d not make it to my post.
If you should chance upon me,
Before I’ve had my brew.
Don’t be alarmed if I should bite,
Upon your backside chew.
Tread softly should there be no Joe,
For my A.M. caffeine Fix.
I rely on it to calm my nerves,
And make me fit to mix.
You wouldn’t invade a Grizzly’s lair,
A wide berth he’d gain, from fear.
So please show me the same regard,
Until the coffee cart’s been here.

One Response to Approach At Own Risk

  1. Pat McG on October 7, 2013 at 8:36 am

    I assume I always meet you after that first cuppa!

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