Caramel Macchiato

January 25, 2012

There is longing arising in my throat
Like a song floating on a flat-bottomed boat
Curving along the canals of Vienna

Princess Xanat, reclines like white orchids
In her lover’s sweet embrace,
melting away in velvet darkness

To the reddish gold and caramel
Overtones of sunrise and sunset
Love lift our cups to be filled

We share in the dark vigor of coffee
Cherries pressed against lips
Somewhere in Asia, Africa, Arabia careful

Hands choose the espresso that marks
More than the barren lands
Where love buried her treasure

And bid it grow, climb like a vine
Towards the heavenly sky
Where mortals become fine

My tongue with pleasure
In rivulet steams
With molten gold, I become the bee

Mesmerized by the purple tones of
The jacaranda flower
Flowing inside her.

The basket weave of caramel
Is full of promise
my thirsting lips

open with desire.

© Anushka Anastasia Solomon originally from Malaysia, is a certified barista and Evergreen poet. She is author of “Please, God, Don’t Let Me Write Like A Woman,” Finishing Line Press,2007. Website:

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