Timing is everything for “Chris the Coffee Man”

December 27, 2011

Central Florida Coffee Roaster Christopher Bean Coffee co. received a call from the McCain campaign Wednesday afternoon asking to serve coffee to thousands on 12 hours notice. Fortunately they were putting the finishing touches on their coffee Shop on wheels that day. The outcome was great free coffee for supporters and the media birth of “Chris the Coffee Man” as the new face of a growing small business faced with challenges from over taxation and the economic downturn.

Daytona Beach, Florida October 24, 2008 – The timing could not have been better for the Christopher Bean Coffee company. As a contractor in the warehouse was putting the finishing touches on the new ”rolling bean machine” a coffee house on wheels, a call came in to Marketing Director Mark Geallis from organizers of the last minute visit of Presidential candidate John McCain to Ormond Beach, Florida on Thursday morning. The campaign was looking for a local company with the ability to sell coffee on short notice to several thousand people. Geallis reply was “would you mind if we give it away for free?”

That started an eventful night of preparations, fans were aimed at the freshly painted floor of the Bean Machine to speed the drying of the paint, employees stayed late gathering coffee supplies, and A call was put out to Greg Hunter of Argyle Graphics to drop what he was doing and make a “Chris The Coffee Man” sign, Christopher was called back from a trip to Jacksonville and his friend and mentor Ralph Phillips headed to Publix to purchase dozens of gallons of bottled water. It was nearly Midnight when the trailer was loaded and brought to the event sight at All Star Building Materials in Ormond Beach.

At 5 Am Thursday Morning the Bean Team went into action and by 6:30 as volunteers began arriving they were greeted by Sales Manager Victoria Bowie who handed out nearly 1000 cups of hot coffee with a warm smile to the growing crowd. Geallis said “We made the decision to give the coffee away because of the promotional value of getting their new House Blend sampled by more potential customers”.

After McCain gave his speech the press descended on the Bean Machine after noticing the “Chris The Coffee Man” sign, both local and National media began interviewing company president Chris Brown with lead ins about his being the new “Joe The Plumber” Chris talked about how “Current tax levels are already hurting our business and change is needed to help our business grow and employ more people”.
The Christopher Bean Coffee Company was founded in 1996 and prides itself on selecting the highest quality, hand picked Arabica coffee from some of the world’s top growing regions. Each variety is roasted in small batches to maximize flavor then immediately packaged and sealed to ensure freshness.

All of the coffee is made to order, not pulled from stock, so whether the coffee has been purchased at supermarkets, enjoyed at restaurants or ordered on line, it will be the freshest coffee possible. Christopher Bean Coffee is distributed in over 3800 grocery stores including Publix, Kroger, Sweetbay, Smith’s, Fry’s, King Soopers and on the Internet at www.christopherbean.com .

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