Your Hassle-Free Coffee Routine

December 27, 2011

By: R.L. Fielding

Tired of making a whole pot of coffee when you just want a single cup, just one cup? Fed up with the whole tedious process of removing the filter, rinsing the filter container and pot, and measuring the next pot when the first one went unfinished? Wondering how to get the oils from the last pot of flavored coffee out of the coffee maker? Well, the days of boiling whole pots of water just to have a single cup of coffee are over. Now you can turn coffee making from a chore into a hassle-free process that gets you a great tasting, piping hot cup of single serve coffee in less than a minute, perfectly measured every single time.

One cup coffee makers, including the popular Keurig coffee makers and Tassimo brewer, can brew your favorite gourmet tea or coffee in less than a minute, eliminating the need to prepare a whole pot. For people on-the-go, these fast brewing machines are a welcome addition to the home or workplace.

The single cup coffee maker is also a great energy saver. In the time it might take to heat up one pot of regular coffee or to drive over to the local coffee shop, a one cup coffee maker can brew several differently flavored hot drinks in as little as 40 seconds each. Another perk of these machines is the variety of drinks they can produce. For instance, Keurig provides customers with hundreds of coffee or tea K-Cups from which to choose. K-Cups are easy-to-insert dispensers, which fit neatly into the coffee maker with little effort and no clean-up.

So how do single cup coffee makers work? The brewing process is as easy as one, two, three:


  1. Fill the reservoir of your single cup coffee maker with cold water.
  2. Select your favorite flavored coffee pod or K-cup and place it into the coffee chamber.
  3. Place your coffee cup below the coffee chamber. Pull the lever down (or push the button depending on the type of machine you own) and watch your cup fill with hot, gourmet coffee!

Clean up is even simpler as there are no grinds to clean up or filters to throw away. Just remove the used coffee pod or K-cup and you’re ready to start anew.

Oh, there is a final step for you — enjoying your delicious, fresh brewed single cup of coffee! What more could a coffee lover ask for?

About R.L. Fielding

R.L. Fielding has been a freelance writer for 10 years, offering her expertise and skills to a variety of major organizations in the education, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing industries. She lives in New Jersey with her dog and two cats and enjoys rock climbing and ornamental gardening.

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