Convenience by the Cup” The Benefits of Using a Keurig Coffee Maker

December 27, 2011

By R.L. Fielding

Many households and offices have to find new ways to cut everyday costs in the face of tough economic times. Often, these cutbacks find their way into the kitchen as people eat out less and opt to purchase more economical products. For daily coffee drinkers, it’s no longer acceptable to brew an entire pot of coffee only to have one person drink it. Getting rid of the leftover coffee is like pouring your hard-earned money down the drain. How can you avoid this type of needless waste? The Keurig coffee makeroffers an ideal alternative.

Reduce Waste

In most households and workplaces, coffee is still made one pot at a time. With the Keurig coffee maker, however, coffee is made one cup at a time. Instead of having to put hot water into a pot and filter ground coffee beans, a Keurig brewer holds just the right amount of coffee needed for a single cup. The water is preheated in the Keurig coffee maker and, as soon as the brewing button is pushed, a hot, delicious cup of coffee is ready and in your hands in less than 60 seconds. Homes and offices with people coming and going at different times need coffee that does not go stale from sitting out. By using a single cup coffee maker, when one person finishes their cup of coffee, you’re not left with a partially full, unwanted pot of it sitting on the kitchen counter.

Save Money

In addition, not only does every cup get used, but so does every dollar. Since each cup is made to your convenience, no coffee is wasted, which means no money is wasted either. With a one-cup coffee maker, you essentially drink every cup that you buy, whereas with a coffee pot, you may have purchased coffee that no one else will drink. The Keurig coffee maker is the “no excess” coffee maker.

What’s more, because the single-serving K-Cup portion packs brew gourmet coffee in hundreds of varieties, you can say goodbye to your daily drive to the pricey coffee shop. By brewing your favorite brands and flavors of coffee at home or in your office, the money spent on gasoline to get to the store is also reduced, guaranteeing that every cent is well-spent.

Freshly Brewed, Every Time!

With your traditional coffeemaker, even if you drink the coffee throughout the day, as the day progresses, the quality of the coffee often decreases. The coffee becomes colder, weaker, and doesn’t give you the boost that you need. When you make a cup of coffee with a Keurig coffee maker, you can enjoy coffee in the middle of the day—without having the cup any less satisfying than the one before it.

Homes and offices not only have people coming and going at different hours of the day, but have people with different preferences of coffee and other beverages. Aside from brewing coffee, the Keurig coffee maker also brews a variety of flavorful teas and hot cocoas. Everyone’s needs for a convenient and great tasting beverage are met.

Tough economic times require sacrifice, but with Keurig, you won’t be sacrificing, you’ll be saving while savoring the flavor of delicious coffees and teas, made to order just for you. Save time, save money, and savor the pleasures coffee adds to your daily routine.

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