How To Order Coffee

December 27, 2011

How would you fancy ordering a `decaff extra shot soya wet extra hot sugar free syrup latte` when you saunter into a coffee house on a daily basis? Sounds too confusing and a bit of a mouthful? Well, if you know what you are doing it is a fairly normal request and the staff will not bat an eyelid. They can see this person surely does know what they want and they are not afraid to ask for it.

But are you dazzled and confused by the array of different options you can have when staring at the board for half an hour? There is so much to take in you might end up just sheepishly saying, `I`ll just have a black coffee, please.`

Let us clear a few things up first. If you want a `wet` coffee it means you do not want any foam on top and a `flat white`, which is a fairly new coffee from Australia, consists of an intense creamy hit of two shots of coffee with full fat milk served in a cup and saucer.

A latte is basically a milky coffee as it contains one shot of coffee with three quarters of milk and a quarter of foam. A cappuccino however has more foam, so is half milk and half foam, whereas a mocha is like a latte but has one shot of coffee and just over one shot of chocolate.

There can be more than a dozen types of coffee to choose from, plus all the extra bits to add in as well as whether you want it decaff or with ice added on cooler days.

The best way to make sure you look like you know what you are doing is to decide actually want you want before you step into the coffee house or restaurant. If you know what you like but do not know the terms, then ask the staff. You are the customer, they want to help you out and they know that most people can be a bit baffled.

Once you have got the patter, then it will be no problem to you. Personalise your coffee treat as to how you want it. There are even sugar free syrups now for a healthier alternative to sugar. If you have intolerance to dairy products or caffeine, then you can be accommodated on this as well. There is no end to the choices.

Once you are comfortable with ordering, you can then progress to changing your choice or even ordering for others. Soon you will have more friends than you can imagine due to your skill at ordering coffee!

When you are unable to get to a coffee shop or restaurant how about trying out one of the bean to cup coffee machines in your home instead. The beauty of one of these machines is that you can have that freshly brewed flavour in the comfort of your own home. Most people who choose to buy one of these machines do so for cost and convenience.

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