Coffee Recipes

Coffee Recipes!

Made With Coffee Cookbook – The Kickstarter!

November 15, 2016

Made with Coffee is a hardcover full-color cookbook inspired by Philz Coffee, made for Coffee Lovers, Caffeine Addicts + Foodies alike.
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Steamed and Steamy… and Yummy

July 16, 2016
Steamed and Steamy

The fictional country of Industralia is populated with creative eccentrics, high-flying airship crews, dazed automatons, brilliantly cracked inventors, adventurous explorers, mischievous kids and more. What they all have in common is a love of food. Breakfast, especially. Well, not the automatons, of course, though many of those serve as waiters or other food service...
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Tips for Quick and Easy Iced Coffee

December 22, 2012

By R.L. Fielding Coffee is a fantastic drink at any time of day, during any season of the year. That being said, a steaming hot cup of java isn’t always welcome once summer rolls around. Don’t let the summer heat deprive you of your favorite beverage when you can switch to iced coffee! During...
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Old Fashioned French Vanilla Coffee Ice Cream

January 28, 2012

PrintOld Fashioned French Vanilla Coffee Ice Cream Ingredients1 1/2 cups heavy cream or whipping cream 1 1/2 cups light cream or half-and-half 3/4 cup sugar 2 level tablespoons ground coffee 4 large egg yolks 1 teaspoon vanilla extractInstructionsRecipe shared by "blackjava". Added to the recipe files here by permission. Feel free to use just...
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Cappuccino Cups

January 28, 2012

PrintCappuccino Cups Ingredients12 chocolate wafer cookies 4 Tsp. instant espresso powder 1 Tbsp. hot water 1 1/2 Cup cold half & half or milk 1 Pkg. (4-serving size) JELLO-O instant pudding (French Vanilla or Vanilla flavor) 1/2 Tsp. ground cinnamon 3 1/2 Cup Cool Whip (thawed) 1 Jar (11.4 oz.) hot fudge sauce 2...
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